Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Extra Mile Podcast GALLOWAY EDITION- Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Extra Mile Podcast- GALLOWAY Edition!

In this episode, we cover material from weeks 1, 2 and 3 of Jeff’s “To Finish” marathon training schedule in GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS including:

• Walk Breaks
• The Long Run
• Picking a Training Schedule

Jeff discusses what they are, why they are important, and how to use them in your plan.

Make sure to take advantage of the Podcast discount on Jeff’s Starter Kit before it expires on April 18! The Kit can be found by clicking HERE. Make sure to use the special code “extramile1” at checkout to receive your discount.

Other items featured in this episode are:

Optic Nerve Sunglasses
Gymboss Interval Timers
Gaby Bars
Jeff’s Ultimate 5k iPhone App

Please check out these companies and thank them for their support.

We invite your comments, questions, and training updates either in a 1-2 minute audio submission to thegallowayextramile@gmail.com or by calling the comment line at: 206-339-8741. We would love to add your voice to the next episode!

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Until our next episode, you all enjoy your Extra Mile.


  1. Great show! I have worn Optic Nerve for a few years now , much better than Oakley!!

  2. Although I've used the Galloway method (thanks to the Extra Mile Podcast Experiment), I have to admit that I never bought Jeff's book (sorry!). And, I've always used my Garmin to time the intervals, but that is not the best way to keep track of your walk breaks! Something happens in my brain and I cannot do math while I'm running! So, today I took advantage of the "starter kit" and hopefully the book & timer will help me train better for my second marathon! Thank you for a great deal..and I love the podcast! So glad to "train with" Jeff & Kevin again :)

  3. Great podcast, just want to tell you how much I love the Ultimate 5k app! Been using it for two weeks & i'm having a ball.