Monday, March 22, 2021

The Extra Mile Podcast - JEFF GALLOWAY EDITION - Episode 8.2

Welcome to episode 8.2 of The Extra Mile Podcast – JEFF GALLOWAY EDITION!!


I've got to admit it's getting better,
A little better all the time (can't get no worse)

“Getting Better”, The Beatles

And it’s about damn time too!! But it’s undeniable. Just look around! And if it IS getting better, can in person racing be far behind? So we better be ready!

 In this episode we will catch up with Jeff and among other things, discuss the important topic of running form. I think you will be intrigued. Can we, SHOULD we change our running form? And if so, how and why?

 We also catch up with Coach Chris Twiggs to discuss the top 5 error’s  his Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run clients make during their training. These will either surprise you or remind you of yourselves!

 Lastly, we will tackle the topic of Heart Rate Training with Coach Roy Benson, THE foremost authority on the topic.

 All good stuff!!

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