Thursday, February 26, 2015

We have been working on this one for a while and although it may change going forward, we are rather excited to announce:

The idea here is to add YOUR events and or goals to the calendar as all your fellow Extra Milers can see what YOU have planned!

Our thinking is that this will help in a few ways.

First, it REALLY puts your goals out there for the world to see!

Got a race coming up? Add it and you better get the training in because we are all going to be asking how things are going!

Have a goal in mind? Trying to PR for a certain event? Wanna lose a few pounds by a certain date?  Add it and you better put down the donut!!

The Extra Mile Podcast Community Calendar can be found on the Calendar Tab at:  or  by clicking

Just send us am email with the following information and WE will do the rest:

What: i.e. Kevin Gwin is running the Boston Marathon!  (stop laughing)

When:  April 20, 2015

Description: BREIFLY tell us all here what you are doing. Is there a way we can follow the race and your training? Do you have a blog/facebook/Twitter page? Use this area as you wish.

Send your email to:

Try it! We ALL want to know what you have planned!
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We invite your comments, questions, and training updates either in a 1-2 minute audio submission to or by calling the comment line at: 206-339-6497. We would love to add your voice to the next episode!

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Until our next episode, you all enjoy your Extra Mile.