Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Extra Mile Podcast – JEFF GALLOWAY EDITION – EPISODE 3.7

The Extra Mile Podcast – JEFF GALLOWAY EDITION – EPISODE 3.7

Who’s ready to do this thing??!!! I know I am!!

So let's do what we do so well as we all follow the Jeff Galloway RWR Training method to finish our fall race.. Namely: Catch up with THE coach and see what's next!

In this episode we will again plan Where In The Word Is Jeff Galloway, Ask Coach to discuss more details about RWR, get his take on ITBS (better listen if you don’t know what this one is), and take a little about running gadgets.

Oh, and of course discuss some JG 13.1 details you do NOT wanna miss!!

Don’t miss these important items featured in this episode are:

• The Jeff Galloway 13.1- SIGN UP AND JOIN US!

Thanks SO much for joining us for this amazing journey and Jeff and I hope you will join us on our next adventure!!!

We invite your comments, questions, and training updates either in a 1-2 minute audio submission to . We would love to add your voice to the next episode!

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