Monday, November 21, 2022

TEMJG 9.5A and B - Episode 9.5A/B

Welcome to episode 9.5 A and B of The Extra Mile Podcast – JEFF GALLOWAY EDITION!!

How do you eat an elephant? Why, one bite at a time of course! So that’s exactly how we will eat this LARGE episode.

Part A will be our chat with Olympian Jeff Galloway and Coach Chris Twiggs.  Then we will give you all about 24 hours to digest that before we feed you Part B.

Part B will include a conversation with the folks at Oladance. The makers of the Oladance Wearable Stereo as well as another chat at the Extra Mile Runners Round Table!

Lots to digest!! So lets get to it….

Check out some very cool stuff mentioned in this episode:

     All Things Jeff Galloway

     Jeff’s Retreats

     Jeff’s Customized Training Plan

     Coach Chris Twiggs and his Mind of the Marathoner video

     The Extra Mile Podcast SWAG PAGE

     Sqoosh Bands Etsy Page, Use TEMP20 for 20% discount

     Jeff Galloway Running Coach App

     OladanceWearable Stereo Headsets

     Zensah X sQoosh Sweatband

Please don’t forget to support our amazing sponsor

     sQoosh Bands.. MORE than a sweatband!

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Until our next episode, you all enjoy your Extra Mile.




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